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Oem medical devices development and production capabilities


image of extruded medical tubing and shaft assemblies


Oscor is using its extensive engineering experience in the extrusion of medical tubing to deliver your extrusions and shaft assemblies to your exact specifications. All extrusions and shaft assemblies are made in certified cleanroom environment to tightest tolerances on newest state of the art equipment and inspection systems


  • Single and multi-lumen tubing
  • Coextrusion
  • Profile tubing
  • Braid and coil reinforced tubing
  • PTFE Lined catheter shafts with durameter and material variations
  • Tipping and atraumatic catheter tips
  • Hydrophilic Coating
  • Pad printing
  • Hole punching


Pebax, Nylons, Polyurethanes including Pellethane and Tecothane, Bionate, FEP, HDPE/LPPE, Polycarbonate, PVC


Oscor has a wide selection of medical grade materials in stock with extensive Biocompatibility data on file for short and long term implantation.