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ATAR D-V2 Series 


The ATAR™ Temporary Extension Cables connect temporary pacing leads (such as Oscor TB and Helios Series) and pacing wires (such as Oscor TME™ Series) to external pacemakers (such as Oscor PACE 101H, 203H, or 300). The extension cable features the patented 2 mm protected quick connection pin allowing safe and fast connection to pacemaker and temporary pacing lead or wire. The receptacle portion of the cables accepts pacing lead/wire connectors ranging from 2 mm down to 0.9 mm connectors or needles.


Model No.
Disposable Series
(Five per box)
Usable Length Proximal End
Pin Configuration
Distal End
Pin Configuration
ATAR D–V2 250 cm 2 mm male unshrouded 0.9 - 2 mm female